Odysseus took 10 years to make the arduous journey home to Ithaca because Poseidon agreed to punish the Greeks for the atrocities committed before and after their victory. If you'd like to see A+ essays based off some of the essay topics above (written by Mark Yin - our LSG content guru and 50 English study score achiever), complete with annotations on HOW and WHY the essays achieved A+ so that you can emulate this same success, then you'll definitely want to check out our A Killer Text Guide: Women of Troy ebook. Now, if you are not doing as text as always, don't stress about it because what I want you to take away from this video is how you actually do plans, the thinking that goes behind it and the formatting around it. The form chosen for my creative piece was an additional scene featuring Harry Jewell attending a therapy session with his counsellor based on the play 'Extinction' by Hannie Rayson. Even the best of the best can struggle with differentiating themselves from the pack, irrespective of how many quotes they know or how well they understand the subject matter. A wild, rainy night, a twist of fate and an injured tiger quoll bring together a passionate environmentalist and an unlikely Good Samaritan. How does Kennedys short story format add to the readers understanding of the themes uncovered in the novel?. Categorising strangers into convenient stereotypes is pure laziness. This in turn propels the audience to be more inclined to feel commiseration for her when she is held responsible for her citys destruction. She accuses him of prefer[ing] a younger woman and having never been with a woman with pubic hair. These experiences could be with language, employment, or personal relationships just to name a few ideas.. So, what about the complex part? Then I'll just write down very quickly what the topic sentences will be. Some quotes are used in multiple themes. The memoir covers her life from there onwards, including a journey back to Europe to reconnect with the rest of her family. ), the Soviets built a wall around East Berlin. Do what works for you!, This body paragraph included my pairing between Angelo and Isabella. The following comes essay topic breakdown comes from our A Killer Text Guide: Women of Troy ebook: The quote mentions long-lasting sufferings, and the prompt seems to ask who suffers, and who is responsible. Raysons literary work endeavours to capture how the human character is, in fact, multidimensional and never static! Professor Dixon-Browns attempt at salvaging/restoring her pristine moral code of using her head, not her heart is encapsulated in her desperate dash to the IT servers at 1am in the morning to delete the incriminating email detailing her illicit relationship with Harry Jewell. He was being sensitive and subtle instead of abruptly delivering the news. Kennedys ordering of the short stories also contributes to the readers depth of understanding. Both Piper and Heather unwittingly develop sexual relations with Jewell on a casual basis which symbolises how intercourse is no longer purely valued as a means for continuing the species. In particular, children may not always understand their parents experiences from before they were born, or how those experiences affect them in the present. For example: You dont need a quote thats too long or overpowering; just capture the essence of the symbol or motif and focus on what it represents. Gogol experiences expectations that arent all so intentionalwhile his parents dont mean him any harm by naming him Gogol, he feels trapped by the name, always hated it in fact. The Trojan war occurred as a result of the conflict between Greece and Troy and was said to last for over 10 years. The Greenwich Village of Rear Window is an example of one of these suburbs. Helen, on the other hand, does not demonstrate the same degree of moral uprightness. The theme we might identify here is duty. Richard realises that people with the freedom to chooseget to decide which stories to hold on to - and those are the people who get to decide the future of the refugees, at least from a legal perspective., Though Richard cant necessarily help with these legal issues, he finds himself doing what he can for the refugees over time. Another great pair is the Duke and Angelo. Thinkswap has partnered with Turnitin to ensure students cannot copy directly from our resources. Naturally, the influx of products enteringthe market createsa consumer frenzy. Hecubas loss (she lost her home and children), Hecubas pain (being blamed for Troys ruin), Cassandras helplessness despite knowing her fate, surrendering and accepting her future, Andromaches 'bitter' fate having to give up her child, The Chorus voicing their opinion slavery. This history adds dimension to Erpenbecks novel. Pay attention to when it is not followed, or when characters are interrupted during the pentameter. However, it is the facades that count in the play. To what extent do you agree? It is significant that Euripides chose to have a strong female protagonist, as the character herself acts as a diatribe against the patriarchal society, contradicting any engrained beliefs that pervaded the society at the time. I would probably argue that family is the central theme that grounds many of the others; it shapes the identity of childrenmigrant childrenand brings out traumatic memories in spite of your best efforts to suppress them. How does Hannie Rayson explore the idea of emotion in the play Extinction? Any good copy of Shakespeare will have definitions of these words in the margin or opposite page. The novel spans over three decades, starting from Gogols birth shortly after Ashima and Ashokes move to America. She wondered if Europe might provide the sense of home [she] craved particularly given her fathers desire to never look back at his traumatic past there. After WWII ended in 1952, millions of US soldiers returned to a multitude of suburban homes built using mass production techniques, all overwhelmingly close to another. Verse is essentially poetry, where one line follows another. However, her carefully crafted algorithm fails to differentiate between the diversity of animals within the ecosphere. The Greek soldiers build a giant wooden horse and hid in there to get in the citadel of Troy, attacking them in the middle of the night and winning the war. This is a theme that can lead to a long discussion and gives you the opportunity to express your own opinion. Do you agree? The way English is currently taught results in a lot of essays more or less looking the same, with a topic sentence dutifully followed by explanation of that point, and evidence not being introduced until about halfway through the paragraph. Euripides argues that fate and fortunes are not preordained, and tragedies do not incriminate. While Helens selfishness should be condemned, the audience can still condone her actions due to the circumstances she is in. This is why it is significant when Hecuba referred to the gods as 'betrayers' in her lamentation, implying that there is a change in attitude in time of tragedy. Without explaining his name to his son, Gogol and Ashoke are unable to truly connect; Gogol is annoyed if anything, answering his father a bit impatiently. On the International Union for Conservation of Nature and natural resources red list (IUCN), Australia is classed as having 35 of its discovered species extinct. The whole purpose for that is to ensure that in every single body paragraph, I do cover some form of a literary device because that was always really important for me. What can you do that others cannot, and what can others do that you cannot? These symbols thus reflect power and privilege.. He often criticises the goddess of love, Aphrodite, for enchanting mortals and leading them into a life governed by love and lust. With how characters relate to culture and heritage, we also see both texts evince some rich, intergenerational differences. A motif is something a bit more specific. For example, in pretty much all of my essays, I would conclude with a sentence that referenced the entire play - for example, how it appeared to be such a polarising play, with largely exaggerated, polarising characters/settings (eg. His desire for various types of happiness, embodied in material concepts such as money or children, suggest that the human condition is built upon the foundation of dissatisfaction; that innate longing is what ultimately defines us as human. Well get into this as we plan. For example, while the key themes and tones of the anthology remain consistent throughout, other factors such as age, gender and life experience of the protagonist vary in order to provide contrasting character viewpoints., As such, this variation in narrative voice allows Kennedy to present her stories as universal human experiences, emphasising the ubiquitous nature of the themes present in, Finally, the varied structure within each individual story lends an optimistic tone that underscores the entirety of Kennedys work. The symbol of language often intersects with the symbol of the iron law, so these are discussed together here. For instance, the citadel in the city of Troy in the epilogue acts as a metonym for Hecubas resistance before entering slavery. Through the heated dialogue between environmentalists, ecologists and mining moguls, Hannie Rayson delivers the message that as a society we should not be so reliant on simplifying individuals based on age-old presumptions and surface-level characteristics. To identify either, pay attention to objects that might feel unusual or even unnecessary to the scene at first - from the examples above, Gatsby showing Daisy his shirts might seem like a strange detail to include, but its actually an important symbol in that moment. What is compelling about Harrys character is that he combines both pragmatism and ideological purity. Themes appear throughout a work, and theyre often abstract ideas rather than concrete images that you can explicitly identify. Extinction, a play written by Hannie Rayson is a work of contemporary realism and climate fiction. Rayson examines the the insecurities peppering . it features the four protagonists; Dr Piper Ross, Harry Jewell, Andy Dixon and Professor Dixon-Brown and their efforts in preventing the extinction of particularly the Tiger Quoll but ultimately human kind. 3. Uncategorized. By employing animalistic language in describing Hecubas act of mourning over Hectors death, Euripides intensifies the magnitude of her emotional turmoil as it is likened to a loud and doleful cry usually uttered by animals It is almost not humanly possible to endure so much pain. Othello, struck by regret, stabs himself, declaring that he loved not wisely but too well. Theres an interesting contrast here to be drawn between this one death in a still body of water and the hundreds of deaths at sea that are recounted in the novel. As I was about to leave they both put their arms around me. Id also take a moment to analyse the quote. This is particularly important when it comes to essay writing, because you want to know that you're coming up with unique comparative points (compared to the rest of the Victorian cohort!). This is the best part about English - you dont have to be writing like the person sitting next to you in order to get a good mark. In another, a retired university professor reflects on this group, about to be relocated to another facility. Unfortunately, we won't be able to answer any emails here requesting personal help with your study or homework here! However, she grows accustomed to it in time, making forays out of the apartment and settling into some semblance of a routine to keep herself somewhat occupied. Or their fierce passion towards upholding moral conviction? This detail is one that is easily missed, but it is an important one, as it is an obvious reference to Christianity, and symbolises Isabellas return to her gentle and fair and saint like nature., A favourite pair of mine to analyse together was Angelo and Isabella. While their retribution against the Greeks can be seen as a means to punish the heroes, it is evident that that they are more concerned about the sacrilege committed and the disrespect they receive after the Trojan war than the injustices suffered by women. He tries his best to be sensitive and mitigate the impacts of Hecubas daughter's death to her, announcing that Polyxena 'is to serve Achilles at his tomb', that 'her fate is settled' and 'all her troubles are over'. erzulie dantor birthday, mobile homes for rent wise county, tx,